#Review Bill Bailey – #Limboland #Comedy show at #GLive

I’m a long time fan of Bill Bailey. My husband and I used to roll in from the pub and watch his late night comedy show on TV. I’ve always loved his mix of music and comedy, so when I saw the tickets go on sale for the brilliant venue at GLive – Guildford, I couldn’t resist.

2016-07-07 20.01.30

Bill was on top form.

He started with some Brexit jokes to warm us up. His style of comedy is so clever, I love the fact he doesn’t swear (even though I like a bit of swearing in comic standup). He gets the message across without the need of bad language, my mum would definitely approve. Plus the kids can enjoy it (we have all his DVD’s), even if a lot of the jokes go over their heads.

His observations on life are spot on in a weird, nuts way.

His musical ability is amazing. Guitar, keyboards, drums, whistle, bells – I think this guy can play anything. I love his songs and bought his CD as a memento of the evening.

My favourite track is this beautiful piece – Pot Plant Elegy. It’s instrumental and I could imagine writing a dramatic, emotional scene whilst listening to it. The only problem is that its too short!

Highlights – the audience made a song with him and there were some very funny heckles.

Final thoughts – Great show, great music. All round fun entertainment. I could have stayed all night!

If your looking for a great night out, I whole-heartedly recommend Bill Bailey.


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