#WWWblogs – Visions of Zarua #Giveaway & price promo

At the end of my two week blog tour I announced the goodreads giveaway via lucciagray‘s blog. It’s a worldwide giveaway where one person can win a signed copy. I’m aiming to beat my last giveaway entry total that hit over 2k. Will you help me spread the word?

Click here to go straight to the Goodreads giveaway page.

goodreads giveaway - river scene Luccia.G


Visions of Zarua is still on sale via Smashwords Summer/winter sale. Pick it up for $2.00 throughout July. I assume this will be discounted in other countries too. Just add the code SSW50 at the checkout.

If you missed any of the blog tour posts, you can check out my dedicated page here. I’ve added links to all the blogs involved – reviews, Q&A’s, promo posts etc.

There have been some wonderful reviews of Visions of Zarua. 8 months on, I’m so pleased that I took the risk and self published.

Today I have an average rating on Goodreads of 4.42, Amazon UK 4.6 and Amazon US 4.5. I’m thrilled that readers like Visions, and I ask again if you have read it would you consider leaving a short review? I love to read what you think, and the more reviews I have the more notice people will take of my work.

If you’ve been inspired by the tour / other reviews, here are the purchase links;

Amazon UK

Amazon US


I will be taking a rest from blogging for a bit. I’ll still post book reviews and photos, but I need to spend some time finishing my next book. Plus the summer holidays are looming large and I will have two children to amuse and stop from killing each other.

Thanks again to everyone whose supported me.

6 thoughts on “#WWWblogs – Visions of Zarua #Giveaway & price promo

  1. Good luck with your writing, can’t wait to read more of your work (whoops no pressure, lol). It was a great blog tour, I’m glad you got so much exposure and some more great reviews :). I hope the giveaway gets you more noticed too :). I wonder if a signed copy is more sought after than one unsigned?

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    • Thanks, it’s great to know I have an audience already waiting for the next book.
      I don’t know if signing the book is best or not. I just think it’s a nice touch. I wish I could contact the winner to ask what they prefer, but good reads don’t like you contacting the winners. Of the 4 books I’ve given away like this, there’s no way to know if they’ve even received the books.

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      • It’s a shame Goodreads doesn’t allow you any contact. I can understand why but at the same time it’s a shame. I personally always found a signed copy better. It feels like the author took the time to sign it for me (even if that only takes seconds, lol)

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  2. Hi Suzanne! Congratulations on a successful blog tour, hope your giveaway goes really well. I did sign my books for the giveaway – don’t know if it made any difference but it seemed a nice thing to do.
    And I’m still reading Visions – sorry! I was hoping to get a review done in time for your tour – however time has run away from me. Will definitely post one once I’m finished.
    Enjoy your summer break with family, look forward to more blogging in the autumn xx

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