Visions of Zarua #Blog tour update #tuesdaybookblog

Day 9 of the tour and so far there’s been some great reviews, a guest post, an interview and even cake! Over the next few days I should be able announce the winner of the first ebook giveaway, plus there be another chance to win an ebook, and more reviews and a Q&A or two.

Check out the blog tour page for more info.

Here’s a brief taste of Visions of Zarua in pictures.

cathy - pyre picture quote

Drew - Tree tunnel picture quoteTeri - Hawthorn picture quoteJennifer - Leyoch tunnel picture quote

There’s more to follow. And I’ll have news of a Goodreads paperback giveaway as well.

Please help spread the word. Thanks for joining me.

Featured Image -- 9592

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