#BookReview: “Visions of Zarua” by Suzanne Rogerson #sundayblogshare

What a wonderful way to enjoy Day 7 of Visions of Zarua’s blog tour, with a fantastic review.

Visions of Zarua Book Cover

Every fantasy lover should be reading this book! Paddren, Varnia, and Leyoch have been friends since childhood. Paddren has been training to be a wizard under the tutelage of Kalesh. Varnia is the huntmistress for Baron Harkai, having been trained by Reaun, who took her in after her parents’ death. Leyoch is an assistant to Paddren and Kalesh, and madly in love with Varnia. But the day the Nagra appears will change everything….

Suddenly Kalesh is dead and Paddren is appointed to replace him as the Baron’s wizard. Reaun loses an arm in the battle with the Nagra and Varnia must take over all his duties. And Leyoch embarks on the secret mission that Kalesh had been preparing him for. After Leyoch successfully uncovers a secret organization of evil wizards, all 3 find themselves running for their lives while using all their skills to take down the organization and destroy…

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