#BookReview Gertrude Jekyll Dreams – Helen Thomas #Poetry

Title: Gertrude Jekyll Dreams

Author: Helen Thomas

Self published 2014.

Length: This is a short book of poetry, 32 pages with 27 poems.

Blurb: Gertrude Jekyll Dreams is the first full collection of poems by Helen Thomas. These personal, funny and moving poems are based on her 48 years of life, love, inspiration, flowers, travels, family and memory.


First Impressions: This was a step outside of my comfort zone as I don’t usually read poetry. Some of poems maybe too personal to the author for me to understand, some were hard to pinpoint, but others really resonated with me, and I wanted to read them again straight away and enjoy them a second time. I particularly liked My Parent’s Garden and Further Adventures In Art And Being.

Style: This is a neat little book, which is lovely to hold and read. The poems are set out one per page. There was space inside the author could have provided a little more details of herself (though there is a bio on the back cover.) She is an artist and I would have liked to have known more about her and if she drew the cover art and what the significance of it was.

Summary: Poems range from abstract, enjoyable to touching.  It can be devoured in one sitting, or read at a slower pace. You find you want to go back and revisit those poems that touched you.

Recommend to: This would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys poetry.

Rating: I don’t feel at all qualified to rate this book, I don’t even know the names of the different forms of poetry.  However, I feel this is a good collection of poems that people can enjoy, and everyone should find something that resonates with them personally.

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2 thoughts on “#BookReview Gertrude Jekyll Dreams – Helen Thomas #Poetry

  1. It’s really good of you Suzanne, thanks a lot ! I have been working on some new poems for a new collection maybe. Poetry is such a great way of expressing yourself and I learned a lot about the different forms and disciplines that we workshopped on a stimulating Oxford Continuing Education Poetry course which I took on-line after work and poems also came out of Creative Writing evening classes! The artwork is William Nicholson’s terrific painting of Gertrude Jekyll’s boots. Thanks again Suzanne and happy writing! Helen

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