#AtoZChallenge R – Reviewers

This is my chance to say a big thank you to all those who review books.


Indie Authors rely on you to help our books stand out from the masses. You give us your time, and post about us on your blogs.

book spiral

I would like to give a special thanks to those I have connected with and who have been kind enough to review my book, or interview me over the last few months. These are links to their homepages if you want to check them out.



Pooled Ink

Book Savvy Reviews

Into another world (hosts author interviews and novel excerpts).

Also let me say thanks to all those book purchasers out there who take chances on unknown authors and post their reviews on Goodreads and Amazon etc. Indie authors wouldn’t get noticed without your help.

Indie authors have you thought of the benefits of reviewing? It’s good to give something back, good to understand books from a readers perspective and good to get involved in the book reviewing community. Plus the more you get involved, the more great books you will discover.

I’ve actually taken my first steps into reviewing, but I am only doing it on a very small scale. I find it hard enough fitting in reading, writing, blogging, and all the boring stuff of every day life. As well as reviewing the books I’ve enjoyed on my own TBR pile, I’ve also joined Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team #RBRT. They are a supportive bunch of writers / reviewers, and I know that Rosie puts in a lot of effort to help authors get reviews. So thanks very much for all your hard work Rosie, and for allowing me to join you.


Rosie's Book Review team 1

Have you got any reviewers you’d like to thank?


Tomorrow S for something special I’d like to share.

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