Be a better writer with Evernote

This sounds like a great device for any writer, especially busy and disorganised ones like me.

World of Horror


In the late 1940s, Jack Kerouac wrote his iconic Beat-era novel “On the Road” in a series of notebooks. In 1951, he typed the manuscript out on a continuous 120-foot scroll of paper. It took him three weeks and, as legend has it, a friend’s dog ate the original ending.

More than six decades later, the laptop holds court where the typewriter once reigned. We still carry trusty notebooks, but now we can easily digitize the words within to keep them safe. The tools have evolved, but the need to turn ideas into written words is still vital to work and life.

You may say you’re not a writer. But if you have a job that requires communicating with others, you are. If you keep a to-do list, that’s writing. If you draft a project plan, report or meeting agenda, that’s writing. And, if you’re like most writers, you want…

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1 thought on “Be a better writer with Evernote

  1. The fact that you’re writing any ideas then you’re a writer. It doesn’t signify you have to publish books to be called a writer, but eventually in the bigger picture writer are those who already have put out books.

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