Revised #Review of Fire, Bed and Bone – Henrietta Branford #childrensbooks

It’s been an interesting experiment, asking my husband and children to read ‘Fire, Bed and Bone’. It is a children’s book, but one that I really enjoyed and rated 5 stars.
My husband, a huge fantasy reader, said it was ok but he didn’t feel very involved with the characters.
My son, 11, enthusiastic reader of children’s fantasy books, rated it 4.5 out of 5. He said he really enjoyed it, as he has other books by Henrietta Branford, though he didn’t have the same emotional response as I did to it.
My daughter, 9, who loves to read animal stories and books about witches and magic, stopped reading at the end of chapter 4. She enjoyed it up to this point but when two of ‘Old Dog’s’ puppies were killed she found it too scary to continue.

I have found this a really fun challenge and look forward to sharing more books with the family and talking about them.

Have you read the same books as your family, and were you surprised by their views?

Below is the original book review:

Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

My Rating 5 out of 5.

Pages 136.


Blurb from the front cover, which makes an interesting change.

‘A revolt is brewing. The year is 1381 and unrest is spreading like plague. England’s peasants are ready to rise against their unjust landlords. The violent upheaval will affect everyone – even dogs, like the old hunting bitch through whose eyes, ears and nose these dramatic events are revealed.’

Children’s book – I’d say 9+ but the book doesn’t state. I would be happy for my 9 year old to read it, and I think my son (11) would enjoy it too (in fact my son read ‘White Wolf’ by Henrietta Branford a couple of years ago and said it was one of his favourite books).

My daughter bought Fire, Bed and Bone at her school fair. She said she really liked the cover and the blurb and that’s why she picked it out of loads of other books…

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6 thoughts on “Revised #Review of Fire, Bed and Bone – Henrietta Branford #childrensbooks

  1. I found the different reactions of your family members fascinating. And yet it shouldn’t surprise me since we all have different reading tastes. My grandson is still too young for it (at 3 he only wants to read “nice” books where everyone is “nice”) but I look forward to reading with him as he ages 🙂

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