Fun and Frolic with Amazon

I had to reblog this post because there is so much useful information to share. I can’t wait to update the key words for my novel on Amazon and make more use of the Amazon Author Central pages.

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I love Amazon. They have so many tools in place to help an independent author succeed. Here are a few ways to make Amazon work for you.

Don’t think of Amazon as a store.

Think of it as a search engine. As an author, you don’t need to rank higher on Google. You need to rank higher on Amazon.

Amazon works as a search engine very much like Google or Bing so you need to think SEO (search engine optimization) for your book. That means metadata. Most authors’ eyes glaze over at that word. But metadata simply refers to the keywords that are associated with your book and its category.

TIP: Your previous Amazon searches will influence your results, so be sure to log out to clear your past viewing history before conducting any keyword or category research.

Keywords will help you enormously on Amazon.

Nowadays, keywords are phrases. No…

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