Today’s Featured Author – Suzanne Rogerson

I’m very pleased to be the featured author on Into Another World’s blog this week.

Into Another World

Please welcome to my blog author Suzanna Rogerson. Her book, Visions of Zaura, is currently special for $1.99 for a limited time.


Please tell us about your current release?

Visions of Zarua is my debut fantasy novel, which I self-published in November 2015.

The novel focuses on the interlinking stories of two wizards who live 350 years apart. The first is an apprentice wizard named Paddren who’s been plagued by visions of death ever since he was a boy. The second wizard, Jago, is a junior wizard who lived 350 years before Paddren’s story begins. Jago returns to Zarua after a five year absence to find a dark undertow sweeping through the city. But the Elders refuse to believe Zarua is under threat, a mistake that has far reaching consequences.

Both wizards must fight to save the realm of Paltria from the dark menace of Zarua’s past.

 How did…

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