Dark and thrilling fantasy novel: Visions of Zarua

I would like to share this wonderful review from C at happymeerkatreviews. I supplied her a free copy for an honest review.


visions of zarua

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book from the author Suzanne Rogerson.  It’s a wonderful fantasy book.  Links for the author’s website and other sites are below the review.

This is my review of Visions of Zarua:

This is a dark and thrilling fantasy book that really keeps you gripped from beginning to end.  Set in the world of Paltria, where there is magic, wizards and dark creatures, Paddren and his friends begin their journey by trying to save his master Kalesh.  But when Kalesh is found dead they must find out why and their search reveals the dark and sinister past haunting Paltria.

This book is one of the best fantasy books I’ve read to date!  From the very first chapter I was hooked to read more and it isn’t many books that truly keep you reading from the very beginning to the very end. …

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