The Pleasure & The Pain

Books can give readers hours of pleasure, and for the minimal cost involved they really are brilliant value for money. This article spells out the hard work and heartache all authors must go through to produce something worth sharing with the world. Thanks Claire Stibbe for putting it into perspective.

Source: The Pleasure & The Pain

6 thoughts on “The Pleasure & The Pain

  1. Ridiculous! An outrage! This is a scandal! How could they possibly feel that 1.99$ is too high a price!? The nerve! Oh well, those who feel this way must surely be in the minority, i have yet to come across a reader who feels this way… Then again, I am fairly new to the world of writers, so I might not be looking in the right places.

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    • Ebooks are a bargain, and I like the fact they allow readers to try unknown authors they might not take a chance on because of the cost of a paperback.
      But I don’t think ebooks should be too cheap. Its only the format that’s different, we still put in the same amount of work – in my case years of rewrites and editing.

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      • I completely understand. I actually thought that only some ebooks were cheap but I’m surprised when I look at amazon and find most of them around the £2. If that is the cost of an ebook I’m guessing your revenue is very small and of course anybody who’s spent their time and effort creating a piece of work deserves to get back from their creation.

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