How to survive publication day.

The day of your book launch can feel like Christmas Day; the huge build up and then it’s over. Whether it’s an anti-climax or your best day ever, here’s how to make it through.

  • Go out and forget your phone!   –   I did this by accident, but it gave me a few hours without internet access. No looking at your blog hits, no twitter, no chance to see how many copies you have or haven’t sold, or your book’s ranking on Amazon.
  • Make a day of it   –   Go out for lunch or dinner (or both) and celebrate. I went out to lunch with one of my writing friend’s / beta readers and she spoilt me rotten and made me feel very special.
  • Plan a little celebration in advance, have something to work towards   –   I’ve had a bottle of champagne in the cupboard for almost two years. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t open it until I’d landed an agent or got published in whatever format. I’ve often looked at the bottle and wondered if it would ever get drunk, so opening it on 16/11/15 had an extra significance.
  • Be brave and tell people around you   –   The day arrives and your book is on sale to the public. It’s one of the most important, life changing events you’ve ever experienced,  but the rest of the world just carries on as normal. It can feel like such an anti-climax, so having people congratulate you and wish you luck is a real boost.
  • Ask friends to spread the word   –   If you are lucky enough, you will know people who appreciate the achievement and want to tell the world. I’m very shy about telling people what I do, so I’ve been really lucky that others have been there to help me spread the word.
  • Some people just don’t understand   –   It takes time, often years of dedication to produce a novel, but not everyone will understand the hard work involved. Don’t let the lack of support get you down. Focus only on the positive.
  • Have other projects already lined up – There is a void left when the book you’ve been working on for years is published and you can’t tinker with it anymore. I’m grateful that I’ve got several novels written in draft that need editing. I can jump straight into them rather than be faced with the terrifying prospect of starting something from scratch.
  • Finally, enjoy the moment!   –   It’s over too quickly, so enjoy every second. You deserve it!

Next time I’ll share the things I wish I’d done before publication day.


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