Business card anyone?

My business cards are here at last, along with a little indulgence – a poster I can look at to remind myself the book is really out there. It looks pretty good, shame I can’t have them plastered on the local buses and bus stops.

2015-11-13 14.31.10

I had a result with the business cards, the original order was lost and had to be reissued. Now both have turned up, so I have 500 cards and no idea how to get them into the hands of readers. I tried my local library today, but they aren’t allowed to display them. My kids have asked for signed copies… only 498 to go.

Apart from stalking strangers in the street, does anyone have any ideas on how to distribute them?

I’m running out of marketing jobs, now it’s just counting down the hours… Sometimes I wonder why I opted to put the book on pre-order. It’s just prolonging my angst.

Time to concentrate on the next book I think. But do I go with the Bloodlines trilogy (I’m supposed to be drafting the 3rd book throughout November), finish and edit the novel I almost completed during NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago, or develop my 5k word short story, Death Dream, into the novella it deserves to be? So many choices…

I need to learn how to let go of ‘Visions’ and focus on the next project. My characters often meditate when they are troubled or need to focus, I wonder if that would work for me.

Does anyone have any tips?

2 thoughts on “Business card anyone?

  1. Business cards are one of those things you always carry with you, just in case, as you never know who might want one. You could try local coffee shops or cafes who might be happy to support a local author, or pin them to public notice boards with other business cards. It’s a bit of a shotgun approach, but might work. My business cards are the thing I distribute least, but I always make sure I have a few with me. Good luck!


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