Length of #fantasy fiction

Since starting NaNoWriMo2015, I’m beginning to understand the draw of writing trilogies and series.
I decided to draft book 3 of my WIP ‘Bloodlines’ to see if a third book was warranted. I had no real plan, except that a distance, long forgotten enemy was going to make an unexpected return. The characters have come to mind so easily and have given me plenty of scope to carry on their stories. I know their pasts, their motivations and how they will react so it’s been easy to conjure scenes between them. Although I concluded book 2 happily, I’ve realised there are plenty of new challenges ahead for my characters. It’s been a pleasure allowing myself to write without censor and revisiting these characters has been a joy. I’m too far off the word count to complete NaNoWriMo, but I’m glad to be taking part. I should have planned to publish my first novel in a different month. That’s something to remember for next time.

Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

A recent blog on fantasy-faction.com got me thinking about the length of fantasy books.

They are usually weighty tomes, which I don’t have a problem with until you start building those into trilogies and series and clocking up thousands of pages.

I believe there should be more standalone novels in fantasy. It’s always sad when a book you’ve loved comes to an end, but isn’t it good to have closure? To know that the next book you pick up will be the start a new adventure with the author. To discover new worlds and find new characters to fall in love with.

I’ve even been put off starting series because the scale of them is just too daunting (Game of Thrones as an example, though I’ve loved the TV series). As an author I’m in awe of the skills involved in holding it all together, but as a reader I…

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