When Should I Start Publicizing My New Book?

This article has some great advice for new indie authors. I’m finding it hard to strike the right balance of getting my book noticed, but not bombarding my followers with constant buy me messages. I’ve decided to market on important dates i.e. 2 weeks to go, 1 week to go, and finally its out there!

Dan Alatorre

Advance marketing? the book's not even finished yet! Advance marketing?
The book’s not even finished yet!

Occasionally I get a question from a fellow author with a problem and I answer it here.

Dear Dan,

My novel is still in its first draft. It´s long, I still have to finish it, and I write a LOT every day, but there´s still a lot of time before it will be published. Many months, probably. Do you think it’s right to start talking about it on my website? What if I don´t know its title yet?


Worried Writer

PS: I´d love to read your novel. Is it possible to get it in paperback?


Dear Worried,

Yes, you can start engaging readers now, so there is an interested fan base when the book comes out. A few months before the book comes out, up to maybe as much as six months, is about the right window for advance marketing.

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